Selected Art Criticism


Marlon Wobst ‘SPA’ at Schwarz Contemporary
‘Liminal States’ at Kraupa Tuskany Zeidler
‘Wangshui’ at Julia Stoschek Collection
Christa Joo Hyun D’Angelo ‘GHOSTS’ at Galerie im Turm
Asta Groeting ‘Not feeling too cheerful’ at carlier | gebauer


The Eerie Optimization of Self-Care Decor
Applying “Applied Art”: Gropius Bau Mines Old Division Under New Direction
The Tonal Ambivalence of Feminist Land Art Retreat
Courting Crisis: Condescension, Disaster Tourism, and “Learning from Athens”
The Instagrammable Angst of Anne Imhof
DIS Collective’s Apathetic and Ironic Berlin Biennial Underestimates Its Audience


Being-With and Giving Time: Reflections on ShareHolders III, Montag Modus / MM Praxis
Sisters Alike – Female Identities in the Post-Utopian, Art Margins
Wild Recuperations: Material from Below, Art Margins
New Video Art Platform Maps Female and Collective Positions on Post-Socialist Transformation, Digital Icons
The Artist Reimagining How Humans Can Interact with Nature, Sleek Magazine
Katie Paterson Harnesses the Mysteries of the Universe in Masterful, Scientific Art, Artsy
A Speculative Fiction – Femina Subtetrix, Revista Arta
Feminism and the Commons, Guts Magazine
Ones to Watch: Alexandra Pirici, Sleek Magazine, Print Issue 55 (PDF upon request)

Selected Architecture Criticism

A New Urban Blueprint: Collective Architecture, Sleek Magazine, Print Issue 49 (PDF upon request)
The New Art Architecture Complex, Sleek Magazine, Print Issue 56 (PDF upon request)
Cruising for Sex in the Garden of Eden: Architecture and Desire in Venice, Momus
Xeno-architecutre – Radical Spatial Practice and the Politics of Alienation, Archinect
The Architecture of Estrangement – Alison Hugill in Conversation with Carson Chan, OnCurating
Art and Architecture’s DIY Practices and Folk Politics: Radical or Picking Up the Social Tab?, Momus
Using Buildings as Cyphers, Review31
Running on Reserve – Inside the Bauhaus Lab, Uncube
Albania’s Concrete Skeletons, Failed Architecture

Interviews & Studio Visits

Naked Ambition: An Interview with Lynda Benglis, Sleek Magazine, Print Issue 45 (PDF upon request)
Studio Visit: Martin Eder, Sleek Magazine, Print Issue 45 (PDF upon request)
Touching the Surface: An Interview with Adam Fearon, Berlin Art Link
Against Extractivism: An Interview with Fannie Sosa, Berlin Art Link
The Wellness Post-Industrial Complex: An Interview with Maryam Jafri, Berlin Art Link
Artist Profile – BLUNTxSKENSVED, Rhizome
An Interview with Hanne Lippard, AQNB
Studio Visit: Katie Paterson, Berlin Art Link
Studio Visit: Dafna Maimon, Berlin Art Link
Studio Visit: Lindsay Lawson, Berlin Art Link
Studio Visit: Tomas Saraceno, Berlin Art Link
Studio Visit: Arno Brandlhuber, Berlin Art Link

Books & Catalogues

Blooomsbury Art Markets: Protagonists, Networks, Provenances, Forthcoming, Bloomsbury Publishing, editor
Unworking, 2021, August Verlag, copyeditor, contributing writer
Dreamscapes & Artficial Architecture: Imagined Interior Design in Digital Art, 2020, gestalten, copywriter
Co-Machines: Mobile Disruptive Architecture, 2018, copyeditor, contributing writer
Momus: A Return to Art Criticism Vol. 1, 2014–17, 2017, contributing writer
Politics by Other Means: Selected Criticism from Review31, 2014, Zero Books, contributing writer, editor
Protest, Bewegung, Umbruch, 2012, VSA Verlag, contributing writer
Problématique Issue 13: The Writing of the Disaster, York University Press, 2011, contributing writer